Urban Command and Control Centers (UCCC) in cities

In this article we propose to investigate the Urban Command and Control Centers (UCCC), new tools for urban management accepted in infocommunication technologies. We start with the conceptualization of what UCCC would be and then analyze some of their impacts on cities, such as the creation of urban operating systems (OS), predictive analyzes on urban plans and the incident of smartsurveillances of urban actors – three aspects that depend on the data collected by infocommunication technologies (such as sensors, technological hardware, applications, software for collecting, storing, processing and analyzing data, etc.) installed in the UCCCs. Our conclusion is that the Urban Command and Control Centers can contribute to amplify the notion of the network-State, and produce new flags of control over spaces and urban bodies.

Keywords: Urban Command and Control Centers, Urban Operating Systems, Infocommunication Technologies, Smartsurveillances, Cyberculture.

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